Henry David Thoreau’s Christmas Day Poetry- The 12 Days of Blogmas Day 5

Happy 12 Days of Blogmas Day 5! 

Sometimes in the midst of a busy holiday season, we need to slow down and take some time to breathe and reflect on the whys behind our crazy rushing around.  Henry David Thoreau, best known for his work, Walden, and reflections on nature and being an advocate for simplistic living, kept journals from his time spent living close to the natural world.  Here is a passage that he wrote on Christmas Day 1858:

“…I stayed to hear the pond crack, but it did not much.  How full of soft, pure light the western sky now, after sunset!  I love to see the outlines of the pines against it.  Unless you watch it, you do not know when the sun goes down.  It is like a candle extinguished without smoke.  A moment ago you saw that glittering orb amid the dry oak leaves in the horizon, and now you can detect no trace of it.  In a pensive mood I enjoy the complexion of the winter sky at this hour…..But for all voice in that serene hour I hear an owl hoot.  How glad I am to hear him rather than the most eloquent man of the age!”

Henry David Thoreau

Owls are my favorite animals, so I guess that explains why I love this particular passage.  Let’s remember to take some time to slow down this holiday season, maybe get out in nature for a bit, and maybe if we are really lucky, we might hear some owls.

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