Currently blooming in the garden: Stargazer Lilies and Resilience

As my Iris blooms fade, we have some gorgeous Stargazer Lilies beginning to bloom.  These lilies have been in my flower beds the last few years despite my best efforts to kill them. 

I originally had the lilies in a couple of pots and that first fall after their foliage died, I just left the bulbs buried in those pots and sitting outside.  It’s been a few years so I don’t really remember what I was thinking, but I don’t think I was thinking much about them at all.  I didn’t get the bulbs planted and the pots were sitting neglected outside all winter long, so you can imagine my surprise the next spring when a bit of green foliage began to grow out of the mess of dried, dead leaves that covered the tops of the potting soil.  I properly planted the lily bulbs that spring in the flower beds and they have returned faithfully every year since. 

Last year they had a bit of a rough go when a bug of some sort got into them and ate away at most of the foliage before they could develop many buds so they weren’t looking their best.  Between them and disappointing impatiens that I had ordered online due to the pandemic, I chalked up a less than stellar flower showing as being an analogy to how 2020 was going in general last spring/summer. 

But they survived the bugs of 2020, and I treated them earlier this year at the first signs of something chewing on them and they are thriving this year.

The pink Stargazer Lily is said to represent prosperity and I can certainly see why the dramatic, fragrant blooms would conjure images of prosperity. The ones in my garden are certainly prospering this year.  But before they could prosper, they had to endure some neglect on my part and hardships in the form of some hungry bugs.  And that required another one of their qualities: Resilience.

The Stargazer lilies didn’t have any say in the matter when they ended up in my inept hands and they didn’t have the ability to control their environment that first winter.  It wasn’t like they could grow legs and plant themselves in the soil.  But they had their own resources and they used them.  The lilies had soaked up all the sun they could during the spring and summer through their foliage and they stored that energy in their bulbs for just such an occasion.  When the following spring came, they had what they needed to begin their next cycle.  They weren’t very big in the beginning but each year they grow back a little bigger and stronger, with more buds to bloom.  They tapped into the resources they had to navigate through the challenges that were thrown their way, they adapted to them, and they came out a little stronger in the end.

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  1. The key to resiliency is faith in the Lord: “The Lord makes firm the steps. of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand” ( Psalm 37:23–24 ). Have you ever considered submitting articles to Christian publications such as Christian Woman?

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