Where the Wild Cacti Grow

This past weekend I went on a ranger led hike at one of my local Tennessee State Parks. And as I usually do when in the presence of someone who has studied extensively more about the natural world than I have, I learned several new things that I haven’t managed to pick up yet in... Continue Reading →

Why I Now Own a Hiking Stick

Last fall, I tried to venture out to my local state park more often and I have continued to regularly visit this year for hikes. But I have tweaked my hiking necessities a bit since those earlier adventures last fall. I broke down and bought myself a hiking stick. You see, when my husband and... Continue Reading →

When It’s Iris Time in Tennessee

Iris in my front flower bed! It’s Iris time in Tennessee again! I get pretty ridiculously excited every year as it gets closer to time for my irises to start blooming. Late March to early April usually finds me on my knees in the flower bed studying to see if any bloom stalks are starting... Continue Reading →

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